Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button
Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button
Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button
Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button
Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button
Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button

Xhorse XNSZ01EN VVDI Key Suzuki - 2 Button

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Universial Key





315, 433 and 433,92 Mhz



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Newest Xhorse XNSZ01EN SU.ZK for Suzuki Wireless Remote Key

Product Description:

Xhorse XN series universal remote control - Wireless.

  • NB! Price include: Electronic, keyblade and battery.
The remote control was manufactured by Xhorse, and its activation involves saving the appropriate firmware using VVDI 2 or Key Tool without using any cable - the entire operation takes place wirelessly in the transponder reader. Then, adding the remote control to the car is done manually or using a diagnostic device.

An additional huge advantage of this remote control is the ability to emulate several types of transponders:
  • id11
  • id12
  • id13
  • PCF7936
  • PCF7946
  • id47/38

All available firmware is located directly in the Xhorse software.

It is a great alternative to original remote controls and can be used as a test remote control that can always be reprogrammed (the remote control is rewritable).

Xhorse VVDI Remote Control Remote Models:

How to Generate Xhorse Wireless Remote Control:

How to Generate Xhorse Wireless Remote By ABKEYS
  1. Open the VVDI wireless remote and insert the CR1620 battery.
  2. Place the Xhorse remote on the transponder chip reading antenna of your Xhorse device.
  3. Use the VVDI Key Tool to select the remote you want to generate.
  4. Program the VVDI remote to the vehicle in the same way that you would program an OEM remote.
  5. Program the transponder chip to the vehicle in the same way that you would program an OEM remote.

Xhorse Wireless remote-supported transponder chip:

  • ID 46
  • ID 47
  • 4D
  • More Transponder chip types, and all none chip remotes

How Many Xhorse Bonus Points To Earn for Each Xhorse Remote Model:

  • Xhorse XE Series Super Remote: This is a universal wireless remote with an embedded cloneable super chip. It supports a wide range of chip types and is reprogrammable. For each XE Series Super Remote, you can earn 40 bonus points per remote.
  • Xhorse XS Series Universal Smart Key: The XS Series is a universal smart key designed for wireless programming of various car models. It supports several chip simulations and is also reprogrammable. Each XS Series Universal Smart Remote, you can earn 60 bonus points per remote.
  • Xhorse XN Series Wireless Remote: This series includes a wireless remote with a built-in cloneable transponder. It's suitable for a variety of Immo chips and comes with an original NXP immobilizer transponder. The XN Series Wireless Remote is reprogrammable, you can earn 40 bonus points per remote.
  • Xhorse XK Series Wired Remote: The XK Series comprises wired universal remotes, primarily used for programming remote control which doesn't use a built in Chip. These remotes are reprogrammable, you can earn 25 bonus points per remote.

Xhorse Wireless Remote XN Series Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is an Xhorse wireless remote?
    • An Xhorse wireless remote is a universal remote control that includes an embedded Xhorse NXP transponder chip, allowing for the generation of a wide range of remote types with a built-in 46 transponder chip.
  • Can I generate VVDI wireless remotes wirelessly?
    • Yes, you can generate VVDI wireless remotes wirelessly without needing to connect a VVDI remote cable.
  • Is the key blade included with the Xhorse Universal remotes?
  • What are the different Xhorse VVDI Remote Control models?
    • The models include Xhorse Wired Remote (XK series), Xhorse Wireless Remote (XN series), Xhorse Super Remote (XE series), and Xhorse Smart Key (XS series).
  • How do you generate an Xhorse Wireless Remote Control?
    • Open the remote, insert a CR2032 battery, place it on the transponder chip reading antenna of your Xhorse device, select the remote type with the VVDI Key Tool, and program it to the vehicle.
  • Which transponder chips are supported by Xhorse Wireless remotes?
    • Supported chips include ID 46, ID 47, 4D, and more, including all none chip remotes.
  • Which devices are compatible with Xhorse VVDI Wireless remotes?
    • Compatible devices include Xhorse Key Tool Plus, Key Tool Max, Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max Pro, VVDI Bee Key Tool Lite, VVDI2, and VVDI Key Tool.
  • How many Xhorse bonus points can you earn for each remote model?
    • Points vary by model: XE Series Super Remote earns 40 points, XS Series Universal Smart Key earns 60 points, XN Series Wireless Remote earns 40 points, and XK Series Wired Remote earns 25 points per remote.
  • Can the Xhorse remotes be reprogrammed?
    • Yes, the Xhorse remotes are reprogrammable, including the XS, XE, XN, and XK series.
  • Are Xhorse remotes compatible with all vehicles?
    • Xhorse remotes are universal and designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles, but compatibility may vary based on specific models and programming requirements.
  • What is the purpose of the embedded NXP transponder chip in Xhorse remotes?
    • The embedded NXP transponder chip allows for greater flexibility and functionality in generating remote controls, supporting a variety of transponder chip types.
  • How do I program the transponder chip to the vehicle?
    • The transponder chip is programmed to the vehicle in the same way as an OEM remote, typically using the Xhorse device to complete the programming process.
  • What batteries do Xhorse wireless remotes use?
    • Xhorse wireless remotes typically use a CR2032 battery.
  • What is the difference between wired and wireless Xhorse remotes?
    • Wired remotes (XK series) come without a transponder chip, requiring a physical connection for programming, while wireless remotes (XN series) include a transponder chip and can be programmed wirelessly.

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