Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66
Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66

Lock Pick Jiggler Keys for VAG HU66

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Product Description

Multipick 7 Piece Advanced VAG Auto-Jiggler Key Set

Stainless Steel Laser Track VAG Jigglers

The most advanced set of VAG (HU66) Jigglers every created.

The finest workmanship, design and manufacture - everything you'd expect from Multipick.

The technique is simple. You insert a key, jiggle and wiggle and apply turning tension all in one go. If the lock hasn't opened in a minute, move onto the next key.

A fantastic addition to any vehicle locksmiths kit. 

Seven stainless steel Jiggler keys cut with patterns to trick the lock into thinking the correct key has been inserted. Sometimes these keys can open locks in seconds.

NOTE: These are ONLY for vehicles in the VAG group. They will NOT fit all vehicles. If you don't know what the VAG group is, this tool is probably not for you.

 "I spent an entire day going round two wrecking yards...I found a lot of VWs, Audis, a Porsche...and had NOT A SINGLE FAILURE... I got into over FIFTY CARS" - Bosnian Bill (from video below)

Matthew S. 
United States United States

Wouldn’t.. Couldn’t.. Shouldn’t.. But Now?!

Regarding my review title: When I first saw Bosnian Bill’s review of the Multipick *** auto-jiggler set I just WOULDN’T accept the fact that he’s on my screen right now via YouTube stating that he spent an entire day with these very beautifully made laser cut keys in a wrecking yard and opened 50 cars without a single failure! When you stop and put that into your brain for a realistic analysis you slowly begin to have the deep and very authentic realization that Bosnian Bill just stated these auto-jigglers gave him a 100% success rate on 50 cars over the course of an entire day! That just COULDN’T be real.. could it? I mean, if that’s the truth, then there shouldn’t be a single reason why this isn’t my very next order, right? Because why wouldn’t a lock picker (regardless of the types of locks they pick) need to have a tried and true set that will accomplish the task at hand 100 times out of 100?! So my absolute and reasonably sound logic convinced me to just take the dive, make the purchase, prove everyone that concurs with Bill is wrong and then finally fall asleep with a genuine smile upon my face that was the very first smile that I was able to produce organically. But then the “beautifully crafted jigglers” arrived the afternoon that followed the morning when I was finally able to reject the thought of this being actually possible. So upon receiving the package (that one would think contained the actual Holy Grail, if the way one’s peers that anxiously and impatiently awaited its contents to be revealed were given the slightest bit of consideration), my ever-so eager desire to deny it’s apparent perfect function to be factually false was reignited. Why? Because that reality just SHOULDN’T be a part of this world’s non-fictional existence! “If it sounds too good to be true..” Right?! BUT NOW... My fragile ego has been scorched with the blazing fire of truth that was previously spoken into my doubting beliefs and favored idealistic existence of which I could actually fall asleep at night. I could fall asleep in this realm of reality because I simply favored my opinions to be fact over them being just and only what they make sense to be. The Multipick 7-Piece Advanced *** Auto-Jiggler Key Set has defeated every lock it was designed to defeat after being put to the test by Yours Truly. So now You Truly need to purchase a set for yourself, only to be all but magically thrown into a confusing yet surprise-filled world where at anytime a lock is challenged to be the victor over this beautifully crafted set, it is given the thumbs-down rating by the always victorious ***. The *** that is designed to open specific *** locks, and will always do just so. Relish in the glory of this item, as it very well could be another hour or 100days (or anywhere oreo’d between said windows) until the Victorious *** is joined in actually perfectly constructed function by another equally frustrating item designed to conjure up perfect yet simultaneously interesting small talk and/or whatever else you may want those words to be replaced with. To conclude, they work perfectly as this far I have yet to find a *** lock to stay locked when attacked by these keys. Some of them are naughty (in the bucket they go)! Some of them are nice. Yet you won’t regret this purchase, not once, nor twice! Cheers.

LockPickWorld.com Multipick 7 Piece Advanced VAG Auto-Jiggler Key Set ReviewLockPickWorld.com Multipick 7 Piece Advanced VAG Auto-Jiggler Key Set Review

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